More and more men want to rid themselves of unwanted excess hair for a variety of reasons such as, your partner prefers you hair free, more hygienic, benefits sportsmen like athletes or cyclists, bodybuilders remove hair to define their muscles or just for aesthetic reasons. So now that you’ve made that leap of faith, do you dare to bare? For best and long lasting results to mens hair removal, is to rid yourselves of those dreaded razors and creams, once you wax you’ll never go back!

Whatever your reasons are, waxing has advantages:

  1. Bullet    Waxing removes the hair from it’s roots, therefore, the re-growth is slower and finer. You can be maintenance free for up to

4 - 5 weeks. After shaving or using hair removal creams, hairs begin growing through within a few days.

  1. trimming tools     Hairs grow back much softer and finer when removed from the roots after waxing. Shaving is blunt cutting the hair from the surface of the skin causing the regrowth to appear thicker. Therefore, waxing maintains a smoother and stubble free look for longer.


  1. non-strip hot wax    Hairs still remain coarse and stubbly after the use of hair removal creams or shaving which causes that horrible itching feeling during the regrowth process. This is due to the blunt cut or coarse hairs irritating the follicle opening when growing back. Time consuming and a pain, I hear you say! On the other hand waxing causes the hairs to grow finer thus avoiding the itch factor, upon regrowth.

  1. trimming and clipping    Over a prolonged period of time with regular waxing sessions, some hairs stop growing back causing patchiness in some areas. Although this takes time and patience.

  1. unwanted male hair free waxing trimming     Enhances muscle definition. 

  1. Bullet    Improved appearance.

We have sourced the best wax products available and use a superior quality grade creme T-Tree strip wax from Australian Bodycare and non-strip hot wax by Perron Rigot imported from France for the intimate and more sensitive areas.

Salon hygiene at Bare Essentials - Waxing for men is of the upmost importance to us and taken very seriously. Medical grade non-latex gloves are worn by our therapist and disposable spatulas are never double dipped for non-strip hot wax treatments. Our unique strip wax application tubes prevent the wax from flowing back into the tube so reduces the risk of cross contamination and each client has an individually wrapped dispenser so every client is assured of their own hygienic applicator. All barbering tools and waxing equipment are sterilised after each client.


Trimming / Clipping Service

For the less brave who want to keep their hairs under control, we also provide a clipping / trimming service using professional barbering tools to trim & tidy body hair


                    BACK & SHOULDERS - £10

                    UNDERARMS - £5

                    FULL LEGS - £20

                    GROIN - £10

                    BUTTOCKS - £10

                    GROIN / BUTTOCKS / CRACK - £18

                    FULL BODY - £50



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