We offer a full body or half body exfoliation treatment for those of you who are prone to ingrown hairs or spots, after waxing. This aids in the removal of dead skin cells, helps to lift hairs and smoothes the skin before a waxing treatment. It is very important to exfoliate before and in-between treatments to avoid ingrown hairs or breakouts. A thorough deep exfoliating treatment can be done before your wax treatment(s) or can be carried out a few days after your waxing. We use a delicious passion fruit body polish for the skin and finish with a customised moisturiser to leave the skin feeling refreshed and ultra baby smooth.

FULL BODY SALT SCRUB            £25    40 min

HALF BODY SALT SCRUB           £15    20 min    (choose between lower or upper body)


FULL BODY SCRUB & WAXING PACKAGE            £5 Discount*

HALF BODY SCRUB & WAXING PACKAGE           £3 Discount*

* If you have a Body Scrub and Waxing Treatment combined together *

Please note: All clients will be discreetly covered with a sarong. Clients who have intimate / extreme waxing done around the groin area will not be exfoliated on their scrotum, groin or in-between the buttocks. A paper thong will be provided to hide your modesty.

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