What to avoid after waxing

For a period of up to 24/48 hours after waxing treatment

  1. Bullet    Do not take a hot bath or shower (risk of swelling or heat reaction of the skin) lukewarm is fine

  2. male waxed chest and abs    Avoid any heat treatments; no steam-rooms and no sauna

  3. intimate brazilian waxing for men    Avoid any exercise 

  4. Bullet    Avoid any sexual activity, if you have waxing in the intimate area

  5. Bullet    Do not use perfumed products on the area i.e. body lotions, deodorants, perfume and make-up

  6. Bullet    Avoid sunbathing or sun beds as this may irritate and change the skin’s P.H. balance

  7. Bullet    Avoid swimming in the sea (salt) and pools (chlorine)

  8. Bullet    Avoid touching or rubbing the area with unwashed hands as this may irritate and could infect the skin

  9. Bullet    Do not apply antiseptics on the area unless advised to do so

What can I do to prevent or reduce ingrown hairs?

In-growing hairs are hairs that continue to grow just beneath the surface of the skin and can often become inflamed or infected. They may be caused by the lack of removing dead skin cells and wearing tight fitting clothing. They may be helped by the use of an exfoliating mitt in the shower or bath 2/3 times per week. Always moisturise the skin after exfoliating, bathing or a shower. If the skin is hydrated and supple, new growth can break through more easily. This helps to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. We also retail post waxing aftercare products for exfoliating, body moisturisers designed specifically for post waxed skin and a roll-on treatment gel formulated specifically for ingrown hairs, razor rash / bumps resulting from shaving and waxing. Click here to see products.

  1. Bullet    Exfoliate the area treated using shower gel on a regular basis. Please allow the skin a few days to normalise before exfoliating

  2. Bullet    Moisturise the skin regularly as this softens the skin and replaces moisture after exfoliation

  3. Bullet    Do not pick ingrown hairs as this may cause skin irritation or an infection

  4. Bullet    Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes that may rub or irritate the skin

  5. Bullet    Alternate your underwear type, so as not to irritate the bikini area

If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to call Pauline or e-mail

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